“Begin with the [goal] in mind,” wrote Stephen Covey in The 7 habits of Highly Effective People. We couldn't agree more! So first, we figure out what YOUR goal is.


Portfolio management

We help you figure out what YOUR goal is. Then we chart the best path we know, using low-cost, easy-to-understand investment vehicles. We make sure the journey puts you at ease while keeping your trajectory clear—whether you’re 45, 59½, or 70½.

REtirement income design

Now that we know what you foresee for your future, we bring your finances in line. Uniquely, we even set out to replicate the regular cash flow of a paycheck with a mix of sources, designing an income plan that feels comfortable—and allows you to make the most of your self-reliant retirement.


Tax-efficient investing

Tax-free bonds. Taxable bonds. Preferential dividends. These are all vehicles that help fortify and generate a reliable, consistent cash flow. Used correctly, you can lighten your tax burden as you ease into retirement. But the same vehicles ought to come with a huge warning sign: “use with caution.” If they go into the wrong account, it’s as if the tax benefits never existed at all.

You’ve worked hard to earn your money, and deserve to know it is performing for you when you need it. We take the time to customize your portfolio, ensuring you get the most from every investment. It’s not just what you own that counts—it’s where you own it.

Social Security claiming strategies

Contrary to belief, Social Security is alive and well. What’s more, you might be surprised at the size of the potential benefit—after all, it’s based on money you’ve paid in. We’d love to maximize this benefit—by choosing the best claim strategy in light of your spouse, IRA withdrawals, and so forth. If we start early enough, we can leverage a set of counter-intuitive tactics to maximize your payout, helping you to remain self-reliant for many long years to come.


Long term care insurance

Long term care insurance has come a long way. Now available are hybrid policies: ones that pay off when you survive them (protection)—and reward your beneficiaries when you're gone (insurance). The less you use, the more your beneficiaries get: none of your investment is wasted.  We like to think of it as life-proof. 

IRA Distribution Planning

Conventional wisdom says not to touch your IRA for as long as possible. But wisdom isn’t "one size fits all." We take into account your age, tax bracket, family members, other income sources, and life circumstances, and figure out (far in advance, if possible) the approach that will make your money go furthest, for the longest amount of time.

You worked hard. Now it's time to harvest a return. We'd love to help. To take the first step towards a great retirement worthy of the work you’ve put in, get in touch today.


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