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Ep #7: 529 Plans Are Like Good Wine (With Pizza)

Parents and grandparents often want to help with the college expenses of a loved one and so many turn to 529 plans for help. On today's show, we'll break down the good and bad of these types of plans and present you with some alternative saving methods to consider. The end goal, of course, is to help pay for the education. But can it be done more efficiently? Listen in to join the discussion.

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Ep #2: The Stretch IRA's Fate Hangs In The Balance

The Stretch IRA has been a useful financial planning tool for many years. But new legislation making its way through Congress might cause its demise (see the SECURE Act). We'll ask Brian Doe about the implications of the legislation and why you might need to be concerned if you haven't taken the proper steps to guard against this new development.

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